Germanwings opens new routes from Germany to Italy in Summer 2011

Germanwings, low cost subsidiary of Lufthansa, is to open a number of new routes between Italy and Germany with Summer Schedule 2011, mainly from Hanover base:

Bari-Cologne (from 01APR11)
Bari-Hanover (from 14APR11)
Bari-Stuttgart (from 21MAR11)
Cagliari-Cologne (from 14APR11)
Cagliari-Stuttgart (from 16APR11)
Catania-Hanover (from 16APR11)
Lamezia Terme-Stuttgart (from 23APR11)
Naples-Hanover (from 29MAR11)
Pisa-Cologne (from 27MAR11)
Venice TSF-Hanover (from 23MAR11)

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