AirOne Winter 2012 Schedule

AirOne is to launch 4 new domestic & 1 new international routes with Winter 2012 Schedule. A new base will be open at Catania Airport, with flights to/from Turin (12xw from 01OCT12), Venice-Marco Polo (2xd from 28OCT12) and Verona (1xd from 28OCT12). Flights from Milan-Malpensa to Cagliari (2xw) will begin on 28OCT12. A new international route from Venice-Marco Polo to/from Tirana (4xw) is to begin on 28OCT12. Flights from Milan-Malpensa to Bari, Brindisi, London-Gatwick & Palermo and from Pisa to Reggio Calabria are suspended until next summer; services from Milan-Malpensa to Amsterdan & Athens are cancelled. More info here.

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